Disability Awareness Training

Disability Awareness Training

Training with GWALIA Residential Society

Training with GWALIA Residential Society

Do you have concerns about just how effectively people with disabilities can access your services or products?  Are you and your staff providing the best possible service?  In many cases businesses, voluntary organisations, statutory bodies are often worried about doing or saying the wrong thing and often solve the problem by not doing anything at all.

Worry no more, our training provides an opportunity to explore these fears and concerns and find out more about “disability”. It aims to help delegates realise that providing a service to people with disabilities is fundamentally common sense, courtesy and good customer care.

Accessible Wales flagship training course is an Introduction to Disability Awareness which is a program of informal but professional training courses. This course is aimed at addressing day to day issues relating to disability within the workplace.

Delegates from a Disability Awareness Training Course in 2015

Delegates from a Disability Awareness Training Course in 2015

This course can be booked as a short (half day) course or a full one day course.  Below are some of the topics that the courses cover:

·        Understanding more about Disability and how disability issues have developed over time
·        Practical Demonstration of Access & Customer Service issues
·        The right thing to say at work; to understand is to get it right!
·        Appropriate Language & Signage; how not to get it wrong!
·        Brief Overview of Disability Discrimination Act 1995

Give us a call to see how we can help you and your organisation.  You can also check out our Testimonials Page for references on our training courses. For more information visit our Downloads page and download our service guide.

Some of the Feedback We’ve Received

Below is just some of the positive comments we have had from the delegates that have attended our Disability Awareness Training Courses.

Gwalia Residential Society:

‘I would be interested in future course, because had an eye opener attending this’

‘This course was very good; it was enjoyable and made me realise how things are for others’

‘Found it very clear and understanding’

‘We could have easily talked for hours but was restricted to time’

Celtic Manor:

‘An interesting course which raised my awareness of difficulties disabled people face daily. Some ideas we can introduce in the nursery’

‘The pace of the course was right’

‘I really enjoyed attending the course; i have learnt a lot about disabilities and feel confident in the future’

‘The course was thoroughly enjoyable and interactive. I now feel much more confident handling more difficult or uncomfortable situations’

‘It was good to have someone do the course who has a disability, so its from his perceptive and his feelings’

‘This is a good course, well delivered and i would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their understanding of disability’

Ysgol Ty Coch:

‘Clear power point presentation’

‘Thoroughly enjoyed and learnt about issues that i would never have thought of’

Some Additional Feedback:

“The practical task i.e. getting individuals to be blindfolded or use a wheelchair was an excellent method in gaining more awareness of what actually having a disability entails.”

“All round a very information course.”

Michelle Roberts – The Gellideg Foundation Group

One delegate said the following when asked if their awareness of disability legislation had improved:

 “Yes, I now know much more and how to approach people with visual and non-visual disabilities.”

Some of the responses we’ve received when asked if the trainers disability affect the training experience:

“Although I initially found it a little disconcerting, but by the end I was very comfortable – and this was due to the positive attitude of the trainer in dealing with my “uncomfortableness””

“Richard was very relaxed with a great sense of humour who makes the most of life.”

“Richard was very relaxed with a great sense of humour who makes the most of life.”